COVID-19 UPDATE: We are open for on-site dining and beer/wine service. There is an open air tent and garage dining. Visit the bar and check out one of our table top heaters. WE REQUIRE MASKS AT ALL TIMES WHILE ON THE LOT EXCEPT FOR WHILE EATING AND DRINKING. For information on how to contact each cart, visit our CART PAGE and follow the link to their individual websites. We’ve made it this far, so let’s give ourselves a big pat on the back for getting through the pandemic!

From Sushi to Pizza to Fish & Chips (just to name a few), the trucks at the St. Johns Food Porch serve up a bountiful array of local eats. Located on Lombard on the edge of the St. Johns neighborhood in Portland, Oregon, the lot has 16 independently owned and operated food trucks each with its own unique fare. Visit our cart page for information on each vendor.

The Beer Porch has 9 rotating taps of craft beer, 3 taps of hard cider, and 1 tap of Kombucha. We also sell a selection of fine wine. Beer growlers and wine bottles are available to go. Stay healthy!